jueves, 26 de marzo de 2015


Deesses Release This Awesome Skins at Skin Fair 2015

Here I bring you another preview of the skins Fair at Deesses i love this brands coz have quality texures! very realistic! Awesome lipstick ♥ i love all about Deesses!

in This opportunity i use 2 Skins!

Skin - Nadine V2 in tone -#5 - milky coffee
Lipstick - Deesses: Nadine V2 lipstick set - palette #2

Skin - Stacey - in tone - #5 - milky coffee
Lipstick - Deesses: Stacey lipstick set - palette #1

And have other amazing skin for check them!
you have all info from this amazing store! Go to shopping now!!! ♥

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