martes, 3 de julio de 2012

...♥ New!!! Dances From HUMANOID


Hey Friend I bring new dances of Humanoid

 Ally Volume2

These dances are excellent! with a unique movements and real as you can see in their design ... they're awesome! I recommend these dances the best in sl, Go to renew their dances and be fashionable! yayyy!

Taxi To: .:: HUMANOID ::.

You can also get these dances in Marketplace ... Do not miss this opportunity to improve your dancing and enjoy them

Market: .:: HUMANOID ::.

Also check out the new and old releases following this channel!

YouTube Channel from Marcus Adkins

You can also Find them on facebook =) yay!

Facebook ♥

Well guys to enjoy their dancing ... ♥ Xoxo ♥

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